TVA provides Business Affairs and Commercial Advice to television producers and other content creators.

"Simon continues to be a pleasure to work with. He's diligent, prompt and supportive and has been a considerable asset since Dancing Ledge’s birth."  - Laurence Bowen


The Salisbury Poisonings, Crossfire, The Responder, Wedding Season

"Me+You Productions have worked with Simon for a number of years on a variety of projects including I AM – a drama series for C4. We enjoy working with TVA and they give our production company excellent business affairs support. They are fast, reliable and have strong industry experience which means their advice is spot on. I would recommend them wholeheartedly." - ‍Krish Majumdar

"Both Winslet and her real-life daughter, Mia Threapleton, are brilliant in Dominic Savage's Film - whose tale of an emotional family standoff is full of malevolent beauty." - The Guardian

"A feature length drama that's as authentic as it is poignant." - TV Times  



"We have used TVA when developing our slate and also on a number of productions (most recently the Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special) and we have always been incredibly impressed by their commitment, cost-effectiveness, know-how and speed. TVA are ‘tidy’ operators and we recommend them unreservedly."       - David Peet & Ruth Jones

Tidy Productions Christmas 2019

"I have had the privilege to work closely with Simon on our four series of The Young Offenders (BBC) and various other projects which they have been across. I would have been lost without his guidance and expertise. His work included production, talent and distribution agreements - he was great at not just the paperwork but also strategy, always working swiftly and efficiently. I’d be delighted to recommend TVA and look forward to working with them again." - Peter Foott

"We have worked closely with Simon over a number of years. Simon talks us through all the various elements of complex legal matters enabling us to fully grasp, with ease and clarity, the important aspects of deal points and decision making. With his guidance and expertise on all matter relating to business affairs we have been able to secure the best corporate and contractual outcomes. And, as importantly to us, a total pleasure to work with."  - Richelle Wilder

"I can highly recommend Simon and his team for their invaluable expertise on all things business affairs in the TV. They are your partners in devising strategy and know how to get things across the line. Cost efficient and highly responsive. I am glad they are on our side!"  - Foz Allan


"Working with Simon is like having our own off-site business affairs department. He's always on hand to offer advice and has an understanding of the culture of our company and the values we consider important in negotiations. He makes our lives a whole lot easier and we thank him for that!"  - Polly Leys

"For many years, Simon has been our key external business affairs adviser and we have been continually delighted with his professionalism and endlessly impressed by his results. He has negotiated the best possible deals for us in a way that ensures a 'win-win' for all sides. Our deals are often done under great time pressure and yet his service never falters. His experience is a tremendous asset in a world of increasingly complex deal making and this, coupled with his intimate understanding of television's independent production sector, puts him in a league of his own." - Danielle Lux

"Our work together has covered contracts with the BBC, ITV, C4, UKTV, ad agencies as well as artists, agents and publishers. The TV deals have ranged from one-off specials to 3-year contracts, small budgets to multi-millions and I have always fully trusted Simon to maximise every opportunity."  -  Amanda Ross

"TVA helped Gold Star Productions navigate the most complicated legal filming agreement imaginable. You wouldn’t normally want to repeat that experience but TVA made it significantly less painful and supported us through a second series agreement."  - Sara Hardy & Blue Ryan


The Prosecutors

TVA provides Business Affairs and Commercial Advice to television producers and other content creators.